Homecoming celebrations honor seniors


photo or infographic by Summer Rains

STAND FOR OUR COLORS. They link pinkies for the school song.

Seniors rush the football field, friends and classmates by their sides.  The lights go down, and the big Kats sign is the only thing illuminating the field. Everyone is celebrating. Then the fight song starts to play. Everyone hooks pinkies and chants along to the song. They all look around at the classmates they have known for the past four years and realize that this is it. This is senior year. 

Fire Up the Kats usually follows the homecoming parade, but because of COVID19, there was no homecoming parade. Seniors started to lose hope for any actual senior activities. But, school administration helped out and helped create a very special Fire Up the Kats. It was a seniors only event hosted on November 4th. There was a pep rally beforehand, and then all the seniors were able to light up the kats on the field.  

Many students had watched previous years with other seniors, so it was nice they finally got to have their turn.  

“It felt awesome to be able to Fire Up the Kats because I had always seen other seniors do it, so now I was finally able to live that experience,” senior Megan LeBlanc said.

Although it did not happen like usual, Fire Up the Kats was still a night to remember.  

“Fire Up the Kats was a lot of fun,” senior GianReo Mire said. “It wasn’t the same as previous years, as everything has been this year, but it was nice being under the lights with the rest of my classmates.”

Many students were ecstatic when they go to experience the time honored tradition of Fire Up the Kats.  

“It was so exciting to be a part of the tradition that Fire Up the Kats has become,” senior Jenna Day said. “It went great and we all had an awesome time. My favorite part is when the lights cut out, and we all celebrated together.”

Despite the rules set out because of coronavirus, Fire Up the Kats was still exciting for all seniors.

“It did meet my expectations because I thought COVID regulations would make my experience only half of what it should be, but I had an amazing time throughout all of it,” LeBlanc said.

With events being cancelled left and right, seniors finally got to enjoy a big senior milestone. 

“It was really exciting getting to have Fire Up the Kats, especially since everything has been kind of up in the air this year,” senior Kayla Lyons said.

Sometimes life can fly by, so things should be enjoyed while they last. 

My favorite part was running out on the field and celebrating with everyone when the lights were out,” LeBlanc said. “It was great to just take a step back and realize why we were celebrating in the first place, because this is our last year.”

Fire Up the Kats is when most seniors realize that it truly is their senior year.

“It absolutely met my expectations, everyone really showed up and made it the best possible,” senior Lindsay Davenport said. “My favorite part was turning off the lights with the Kats sign. It’s such a monumental time in senior year, and it really hit that this was it.”

Even though Fire Up the Kats did not follow the homecoming parade, it was still an exciting night.

“It was really fun,” senior Juliana Garcia said. “Fire Up the Kats met my expectations, I’m just a little disappointed we didn’t get to do it after a homecoming parade with a bunch of people in the stands.”

In a time full of uncertainty and doubt, Fire Up the Kats was just what the class of 2021 needed.  

“My favorite part was just getting to be in the same space with all of my senior friends,” Lyons said. “It felt super unified when a lot of the world has felt really separated lately.”