Family, friends, food highlights of holiday

2020 has been tough, but students, teacher can still find reasons to be thankful


photo or infographic by VOW staff

The smell of cranberry sauce. Turkey on the table. Ham cooking in the oven. Family gatherings. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and families are trying to keep their traditions during these tough times. 

The year 2020 has made students more aware of things they should be more grateful for.

“I’m grateful that my family has been able to stay healthy through this pandemic,” sophomore Braydon Hawthorne said. 

Students and families give back to the community as a way to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

“My favorite thing to do is help serve the Salvation Army,” sophomore Katie Leggett said.  “I like to help out whenever I can.” 

During Thanksgiving, quality time with family is one of the most memorable memories.  

“Every year for Thanksgiving my family, and I go to my grandparents,” junior Esabella Garcia said. “We play lotería and make tamales.”  

Being with family is a main component of the holiday. Time in the kitchen passing down recipes and stories is the best place to make memories.

“In my family, the tradition is passing down how to make chicken and dumplings,” sophomore Christa Sawyer said. “The tradition skips a generation. Two years ago, my great grandmother taught me the family recipe. Now that she is too ill to make the dumplings, it is my job on Thanksgiving.”

TIme off with family is something to look forward to, but the main meal on Thursday is the event most look forward to.

“My favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving is green bean casserole,” senior Maggie Urwin said. “Last year I almost burned the turkey, so this year I don’t have to cook at all.

The prayer and ceremony before the meal is special to some families. 

“At my house, before we eat, we all go around the table and say what we are thankful for,” color guard director Rachel Ney said. 

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays to spend with family and friends. 

“ My favorite thing about thanksgiving is when my family and I get together and eat turkey and casseroles,” Rachel Smith said. 

After the food and fun with friends and family, the real highlight of the holiday is remembering the blessings the year has given you. Even in a pandemic, there are things to be thankful for.

“Thanksgiving is important because it gives you the chance to be appreciative of what you have,” senior Amber Irvine said.