Friendsgiving great choice to start holiday season


photo or infographic by Canva

by Reagan Bond, VOW staff

Thanksgiving is the time to break out the family stories and to express thankfulness around the table. But, what about Friendsgiving? This could be a great way to kick off the holiday. 

Friendsgiving can mean different things to different people, but at the end it’s all about enjoying the company of your friends.

“Friendsgiving to me means togetherness and reminds me of all I’m thankful for about my friends. It brings us all together in one place for the night, no drama, no stress, just a night with friends.” junior Mady Feist said. 

Friendsgiving is also a time to skip the traditional food and spice up the dinner table. 

“When my friends and I have Friendsgiving we like to bring our favorite dishes instead of traditional Thanksgiving food,” senior Kayla Lyons said. “It makes it more fun when you’re eating your favorite food with your favorite people.”

At the end of the day, the company of friends is everything.

“I think Friendsgiving is a great idea,” sophomore Emily Laverne said. “Not everyone has a stable relationship with their family so why not spend it with your friends.”