Final exams start Dec. 14

Students may opt for remote after exams on Wednesday, Thursday

photo or infographic by WHS

Finals are scheduled for the week before the holiday break. They will start Dec. 14 and end on Dec. 17.

Since the block schedule gives large blocks of time, the first two days of finals will follow the normal schedule. One Dec. 14, Finals for 1st and 3rd periods will occur and then students will attend 5th and 7th period. Dec. 15, finals for 2nd and 4th period will occur, and then students will attend 6th and 8th period.

“I am a little nervous about taking the final exam only because I’ve never taken one before,” freshman Presley McDonald said.

The last two days before break the schedule will be adjusted slightly. Thursday will start with 7th period and then students will go to 5th period. The day will end with 3rd and then 1st periods.

If a student has parent permission, they may check out after 5th period. They will need to check out through the attendance office.

“Parent permission is just like with the PSAT,” Principal Stephanie Hodgins said. “They can call the attendance office, send an email or write a note.”

Thursday, an early release day, will follow the same pattern. Eight period finals are first of the day, followed by the 6th period final. The day will end with 4th and 2nd.  Again, students may check out after 6th period with parent permission.

On both days, students still have to attend classes remotely that day. After checking out, students still need to log into Canvas and complete a quick survey or assignment from their teachers.

Many students will qualify for exam exemptions. A grade of 80 in each class they wish to exempt will qualify a student for exemption. They must also have no ISS or OSS assignments and not be in danger of losing credit due to absences.