Christmas more about family than presents


Christmas is one of the most wholesome holidays there is, for those who understand the true concept.

by Jesus Santana, VOW staff

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches.

Christmas just the best holiday ever. It’s one of the few times a year people can be happy about the winter instead of worrying about things that people were concerned about in the past. In this current century, people get to have fun and celebrate Christmas with family and friends. If people don’t have family or friends, there are plenty of shows and tv specials with Christmas themed events to keep them in the spirit.

Christmas is one of the most wholesome holidays there is, for those who understand the true concept at least. That is why it is one that is meant to be enjoyed with a brightly covered tree in the room and a nice cup of hot chocolate.

While Christmas is not the highlight of all people’s year, it is a very cherished time for those with family and friends. Simply putting up a small tree with a few lights on it gives the room a completely different vibe. It doesn’t matter if the tree is real or artificial, just having something to bring the family together is enough for everyone’s day, even if they don’t realize it.

Christmas is probably the most stressful holiday for those who believe in expensive gifts, but this holiday is really an excuse to spend time with family. For those who work, simply find another time to spend a day with family. Christmas is a holiday to bring family together, and for those who never come together otherwise, it probably is the only time they will ever be all together at once.

And as for the people who are stubborn about the holidays, just let them be, but don’t let them take away the joy and time parents get to spend with family. With a simple christmas tree, anything can be made joyful and fun, and with a warm fire and cup of hot chocolate any negativity can be faded away.