NHS ceremony focuses on core values of organization

photo or infographic by Summer Rains
SCHOLARSHIP. Lighting a candle that symbolizes the pillar of scholarship,, senior GianReo Mire NHS president, starts the officer portion of the induction.

Students dressed in suits, slacks and casual business attire prepare to be inducted into the National Honor Society. In the PAC, small groups of family and friends prepare to cheer for their NHS inductees as their named is called. All the hours spent building their resume of service, leadership, character and scholarship along with academic success carries them across the stage to receive their certificate. It is an evening of celebration and honor. 

The NHS induction ceremony took place Thursday in the Performing Arts Center. After the application process, students were accepted into the club of service and academic success. 

“I still remember the day I was inducted into NHS in high school, sweet memories that I enjoy,” NHS sponsor Jennifer Mitchell said. “I wanted to be the sponsor to build a legacy of greatness from year to year which comes from all that each member contributes.” 

The application into the program was by invitation only. The honors society gives students the opportunity to make meaningful connections and memories that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

“To be in NHS, I had to work hard to maintain all A’s, be in the top twenty five percent of my class and show good character traits at school,” senior Taylor Jones said. “The best part of the induction ceremony was the lighting of the candles, which represent the core values of the NHS. This was a good reminder of the true meaning of membership in the organization.”

Clubs and organizations allow students to be more involved in school activities. 

“It gives me an opportunity to show school spirit and change the community around for the better,” junior Stephanie Keele said. “I want to have a greater impact on the community and participate in school activities.”

Although school life is different due to COVID-19, the officers still have high hopes for what the club can accomplish this school year. 

“My goals are to provide an opportunity for each member to serve our community and by doing so improve the lives of others in our area,” NHS President senior GianReo Mire said. “NHS has impacted my life by opening my eyes to the importance of giving back to our community.”

Being inducted into the National Honor society is a milestone for some high school students, but it is merely a stepping stone for the life that awaits them. 

“If you remember nothing else from tonight’s induction ceremony, let it be this: your grades may have gotten you in the door, but it is your character that allowed you to stay,” Principal Stephanie Hodgins said. “All through life, you will be granted opportunities because of your ability, but what you do with those opportunities is what will show everyone who you are and what you stand for.”