Wildkats snow happy for unusual winter weather


photo or infographic by courtesy photo

DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW. Taking a quick walk in the cold, senior Sammy Seppanen enjoys the unusual Texas weather with his dog, Bosco.

by Piper Neumann, VOW sports editor

Sitting around a warm fire as snow falls outside with a mug filled with delicious hot chocolate is the perfect way to spend a snow day off. From playing or sledding in the snow to curling up on the couch with a blanket watching a favorite movie, the snow day on Monday was a nice surprise.

It is not often that snow mixed in with the Texas weather. The snow was a great way for history teacher Whitney Taylor to spend her birthday.

“I could not have asked for a better birthday,” Taylor said. “I  was able to stay in my PJs all day and decided to have a movie marathon and watched several ‘Star Wars’ movies. It was nice to have the day off and it was even better to see snow in South Texas this year!’

Because the people in Willis are further south, people drove anywhere from Anderson to Huntsville to experience the full snow effect. Places like that got a few inches of snow.

“I drove 45 minutes to Anderson to see snow, and it was one of my favorite experiences so far,” junior Madi McCollum said. “It was absolutely beautiful, and I loved spending time with my family and experiencing something we never thought would happen in Texas.”

For animals, it may have been their first time seeing an icy surprise.

“My favorite part of the snow was watching my dog run through the snow,” senior Sammy Seppanen said.

Of course, snowball fights are always a result of snow, but they might not always end well.

“Later that night we went outside and had a snowball fight, I accidentally pegged my sister in the face and she started complaining about how cold it was,” freshman Maddox Keo said. “After that we started to play fight in the snow. Then we got hot chocolate and sat on the back porch and enjoyed the snow.”