Move to 6A challenges soccer team to push harder


photo or infographic by Charnell Haywood

KAT CUP COMPETITION. Moving the ball, senior Alysha Martinez faces a Lake Creek player during the Kat Cup at Berton A Yates Stadium. The Kat Cup was a three day tournament the team hosts every year before district play begins,

Come on ladies. Stay with it. Get back up. Turn around. Go. Take your shot. 

The girls soccer team is ready to play fast and aggressive with their new opponents for the 6A season. It will be a challenge, but with learning to trust one another, they will dominate.

“This year I expect games to be more challenging for us,” freshmen Georgia Paugh said. “Being 6A this year, we know we have to start fast and play aggressive. So far this season we’ve learned how to work as a team and how to trust each other. 

Playing 6A teams is a motivator to work harder than ever because it won’t be easy for the upcoming games. 

“I think being 6A has been a motivator to work harder and work together more than we have in the past because we know it is going to be a challenge,” junior Grace Williamson said. 

The key to the win will be the passion of the game along with communication and the chemistry of the team. Every member is an important aspect of the complete puzzle. 

“This season is going to take hard work and dedication, but I believe that with our passion, communication and our team chemistry it will be the key to take on a win,” junior Ashley Miranda said. “We all have our unique talent that makes the puzzle complete. As a captain in varsity I expect for us to make things happen, be better but most importantly have fun and enjoy the game.”

Team members work on better communication with each other and with that the season looks bright. 

“Being 6A we come into the game with more dedication and motivation to win the game,” freshmen Jordan Montgomery said. “I wasn’t on the team last year but just from the beginning of the year we have gotten better at communicating and working together as a team. This season we have learned how to work together, and I think this season will be good! 

Playing more competitively will allow the continuation of growth and improvement for the team. 

 “I expect to continue growing and improving as a team,” senior Arianna Amet said. “Going against 6A teams only makes us play much more competitively and makes us show that we want it more, so far we’ve learned to trust and communicate on the field. We’re continuing to better ourselves every game we play.”

Lessons were learned that when it get tough to pick each other up and switch game mode on.

“My expectations for this year as a captain is to put my team before myself,” senior Cheli Perez said. “As a 6A team, the rush for our passion and dedication increases. Our pride and energy is high every time we step on the field. We have learned that even when things get tough we pick each other up and crack game mode on.