DECA sends seven to state


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ALL THE WAY TO STATE. Seven members of DECA have qualified for state competition. They are Braden Kurtz, Megan Leblanc, Eian Bracken, Melody Medina, Brittany Ramirez, Jennifer Mancha, and Vianey Juarez.

by Piper Neumann, VOW sports editor

Seven students worked hard to achieve being a state finalist for DECA. Braden Kurtz, Megan Leblanc, Eian Bracken, Melody Medina, Brittany Ramirez, Jennifer Mancha, and Vianey Juarez all qualified for state at the DECA competition. 

DECA is a club that will eventually help those who are interested in potential careers of business and managing.

“DECA’s mission is to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high school and colleges around the globe,” DECA Sponsor Molly Dougherty said. 

It is important to be prepared for the competition by knowing your category and getting comfortable with all of the different aspects that come with it.

“In order to compete, you need to study your selected competition (mine was personal finance) and be able to explain yourself to others and make presentations,” senior Braden Kurtz said. 

DECA is meant to test business skills and knowledge. 

“DECA  focuses on developing business skills, then challenging them in competition,” senior Eian Bracken said. “I have been a four time state competitor and I have prepared for it by studying last prompts and reviewing test questions.”

DECA is open for anyone, but does require a small fee. This is a perfect opportunity for people who want to go into any type of business.

“First off there are tons of different categories to compete in!” Dougherty said. “Finance, hospitality, marketing… Depending on on the category you choose, typically the students participate in two different sections, one ‘test’, one multiple choice and one scenario section.”

COVID-19 did affect the DECA competition.

“The students were only given a small time frame to prepare this year,” Dougherty said. “Normally these scenarios are done in person, but this year they were to submit their scenarios virtually.”

There are certain aspects that participants find difficult and have to get comfortable with.

“Though I have been successful, there have been several difficulties for me,” Kurtz said. “The most prevalent being public speaking which is part of the competition and is something members definitely have to get used to.”

Overall, Dougherty has big goals and plans for the future of DECA.

“This is my first year as the DECA sponsor, so I had a lot of research and learning to do,” she said. “I would say my ultimate goal is to grow the program and have some amazing business marketing individuals and entrepreneurs walk out of Willis High School when it is their time to enter the real world.”