Academy time enriches school day with time to remediate, recharge, review


photo or infographic by Summer Rains

WRITING WORKSHOP. During academy time, World History AP teacher Michael Robinson goes over the rubric for the DBQs portion of the exam. Robinson uses the Academy time to hold intensive writing workshops and gets former students to help.

Thirty minutes may not seem like a lot of time. Just thirty minutes out of an 8 hour school day can be everything. Having anatomy and trigonometry can be stressful, and when a student gets just 30 minutes in between, it can be the best half hour of the day. 

Every Tuesday through Friday, students are assigned to an Academy class. After a few week of no Academy class, the 30 minute class was reintroduced Tuesday, Jan. 19.

This time can be used in many ways to benefit the student and the school.  Students can use their time during Academy to focus on the class they are struggling the most in.

“During Academy I try to focus on the class that I have the lowest grade in,” sophomore Emma Baron said. “I either catch up on work in that class or I study.”

Extra curricular activities can take time away from your school work. Academy gives students the opportunity to not fall behind in their classes.

“I do character ed or world history work,” sophomore Janice Talley said. “Academy can be helpful for those who are involved in extracurricular activities. It gives them time to catch up on work.”

One of the greatest advantages of Academy is having the opportunity to meet with teachers.

“I spend my time during Academy in band, rehearsing for UIL.” senior Alex Hopkins said.  “Academy is important because it gives students time to meet individually with teachers if they are lacking in the subject.” 

Not only can  Academy give you the opportunity to work on any class, it can give students time to take a break if they are stressed about your school work. 

“I really need Academy time, especially on even days,” junior Heather Jackson said. “I have anatomy and trigonometry, my two most mentally exhausting classes, back to back. The academy time gives me the opportunity to take a short break I need to to set myself up for success.”