Let the games begin

D&D club serves as creative outlet


photo or infographic by Abel Rogers

With his dice lined up, freshman Zander Beetge is prepared for the game ahead. Science teacher started the Dungeons and Dice club for students interested in table top clubs like Dungeons and Dragons.

Travelling through galaxies and underground worlds, making up stories, traveling and getting secret passcodes. Fighting monsters and defeating evil. 

It is not a new movie or the latest video game. It is simply the world of the Dungeons and Dice Club. A world open every Tuesday after school in science teacher Gretchen Bass’s room, A304.

Created in 1974, Dungeons and Dragons departs from traditional war games by allowing each player to create their own character. Characters go upon adventures within a fantasy setting. In today’s world of confusion and caution, game players finds their peace and quiet in exploring different worlds and new stories.

READY TO PLAY. Waiting to start the game freshman Andrew Murray joins other D and D enthusiasts at the Dragons and Dice club. All that is needed to play is paper pencil a rule book and dice (photo or infographic by Abel Rogers)

“Dungeons and Dice is a club for anyone and everyone,” freshman Andrew Murray said. “Dungeons and Dice allows people to be creative and have the environment of free play. You can make your own characters and stories, get to know new people and express yourself.”

LETTING THEM ROLL. Starting the game off with a roll, sophomore Jolee Carden plays at the Dungeons and Dice Club. The club meets every Tuesday after school. (photo or infographic by Abel Rogers)

A Dungeon Master serves as the game’s storyteller and sometimes the DM must make decision on what is fair and allowed in the game.  The characters interact with characters in the imaginary world and the people in the room who are also playing in the same imaginary world created by the DM.

“We work together in Dungeons and Dice, and I think we should do the same in this pandemic,” freshman Madison Vailes said “As the DM (Dungeon Master) you are the leader of your group and I think nowadays with all the political turmoil we need someone to look out for the smaller people.”

Everyone needs their own world to be in, and the world of D&D  is the place where players can create their own perfect place to be. 

“I am lucky to have a lot of outlets like reading or writing stories,” freshman Harmonie Ashcraft said. “Dungeons and dice is one of those outlets for me. I like that I can make my own stories and paths.”