Team kicks off tennis spring season


photo or infographic by Heather Jackson

SPRING SEASON READY. At the fundraiser kicking off the spring season, sophomore Emma Baron, junior Zoe Picken and junior Brenan Mansker line up for medals after placing. The tennis team members have put in a lot of practice for the spring season tournaments.

The fall season has ended. Hard work in off season has taken place and with practice everyday of the week, the Wildkats are prepared to bring home medals this season. Their first tournament is this Friday, January, 29th.

Some players are moving to new events for this season.

“This spring I am doing singles, which is new to me since I normally do mixed doubles,” junior Elisa Gomez said. “I plan to be successful by practicing out of school, I personally do not believe the two hours we get are not enough to be successful.”

The players are aiming to get as many wins as they can.

“I have set my sights on winning more matches than ever have before,” junior Brenan Mansker. “I want to be as successful as possible after a rewarding off season. I have been mentally and physically preparing myself each week.”

This is the last season for seniors. Many of them have taken away key lessons and have learned to be the best tennis athletes and people they can be.

“I have learned throughout my seasons are consistency, grit, and time management. Consistency means that you have to practice everyday and doing it regularly will help you succeed,” senior Megan Leblanc said. “Being a consistent player will help you win a lot of matches. Grit comes from pushing yourself everyday even when you are tired, sore, or burnt out.”

COVID has had mild affects for the season. Instead of the normalcy of naturally shaking your opponents hand, COVID has stopped the formal introduction to opposing player.

“For me it is a very personal connection with your opponent and shaking their is acknowledging that even though we are playing each other we are still equal and when we shake hands at the end it is like burying the hatchet and shows respect,” junior Heather Jackson said. “Tennis has a lot of etiquette compared other sports like volleyball or basketball where you can yell for each other in the stands, so not shaking hands is a broken connection you have with your opponent.”