Passion drives junior to achieve all-state band honors


photo or infographic by Summer Rains

ALL-STATE HONORS. During the halftime performance against Hunstville, junior Angel Garcia plays with the band. Garcia was named to the 2021 TMEA All-State band after a taped audition process.

   A long, long time ago a single spark managed to ignite a raging fire that burns high and bright. The fire grew bigger and brighter over the years, and one pivotal year it came upon an intimidating, dense forest. Although the fire was quaint in comparison, it grew and consumed the dense forest. The fire dwells in Angel Garcia and is the passion that drove him to a spot in All-State band.

   Angel Garcia recently made All-State Band, but due to COVID restrictions, they will not be performing at the usual San Antonio convention. 

   “Before the results were announced, I was just nervous to see how it all turned out,” junior Angel Garcia said. “Hour by hour waiting for the notification on my phone that would show the results.”

   Along with making the All-State band, Garcia is making the people who supported him proud.  

   “I am incredibly proud of Angel,” band director Chris Allen said. “Making the All-State Band is one of the most difficult things to do in band. He had to make it through multiple rounds of auditions to achieve this level.”

   All-State band is a competitive and rigorous process that allows for only the best and most dedicated to enter the band.

   “Making the All-State Band is one of the most difficult things to do in band,” Allen said. “There are multiple rounds of auditions and at each one you have to finish at the top of your instrument to stay in the process. A single mistake can have a major effect on placement.”

   COVID had a significant impact on the form of auditioning and whether the regular events would be held this year.

    “This year due to COVID, there were some interferences to audition,” Garcia said. “Normally we would audition in person, but this year we had to submit a recording of us playing. This year TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) will not host anything and typically everyone who made state would go to San Antonio for a clinic/concert/convention.”

   Garcia spent months preparing for the audition by smoothing out the rough spots with the help of others to ensure a flawless execution.

   “I practiced for months with the help of my band directors pushing me to be great and my private lessons teacher helping me with the tricky spots in the music,” Garcia said.

   As much as making All-State Band is a solitary feat dependent on one’s own talent and commitment, Garcia had a reliable team supporting him through it all. 

   “I encouraged Angel throughout the process,” Allen said. “I also recorded him and made sure that he was set up to be successful through the process.”

   Garcia has an unwavering commitment to band that he gladly embraces every day of his life.

   “Band takes up a lot of my time,” Garcia said. “Each day my goal is to be a better musician and every day I have to practice and keep working hard to be the best musician I can be! Band is my life! I love everything about it and I’m glad that music takes up a lot of my time.”

   Although band is the center point of Garcia’s world, he also enjoys other activities and finds time for everything. 

   “There wasn’t a lot of interference between soccer and band,” Garcia said. “I manage to balance both activities.”   

   Garcia was sure to have direction and intention when approaching his aspirations for band this year. 

   “My goal for this year was to try my best to make my directors, family, and friends proud, and therefore I put a lot of work into it,” Garcia said. “My hope was to make it and to work hard and be proud of myself!”

   The driving force behind Garcia’s dedication was clear and combined with his mindset to make it out on top he was able to share the joy of his accomplishment with those he cares for.

   “My motivation came from my directors mostly,” Garcia said. “They knew and believed I can be something big! And I just wanted to show them how talented I was! My family was another motivation since I love making my family happy!”

  Garcia’s love for Band is rooted deep in his childhood, and his love stems from experiences that inspired him to continue in band.

   “My passion for music has always been there since I was a kid,” Garcia said. “I have always loved music, and I always love hearing when a trumpet is played right! I have been playing trumpet for about seven years now and I’ve enjoyed all these moments, making memories, and making my family, friends, and directors happy.”