Prevent spread of COVID-19 by wearing mask correctly


photo or infographic by Reagan Bond

MASK UP & SAVE LIVES. Wearing a mask in public prevents the spread of disease to an individual that can be at high risk. Masks are proved by the CDC to help prevent the spread throughout the world.

by Reagan Bond, VOW staff

In the United States alone there have been 442 thousand deaths due to COVID-19. The main solution to prevent the spreading of the disease is for an individual to wear a mask when out in public. 

Following the proper precautions of wearing a mask can save a person’s life during the pandemic. 

Wearing a mask in public prevents the spread of disease to an individual that can be at high risk. Masks are proved by the CDC to help prevent the spread throughout the world. If masks are not worn then the disease can easily take over and cause people to lose their loved ones. When choosing a mask to wear out in public it is crucial that one chooses a mask with two or more layers, washable, and breathable. It is also important that the mask covers both a person’s mouth and nose and that it fits snugly on a person’s face to prevent their breath from escaping. If wearing a gaiter make sure that the piece of material is folded to make two layers. Masks are crucial to society when trying to stay healthy during the world-wide pandemic. 

Wearing a mask wrong is the exact same of not wearing a mask at all. When choosing a mask, do not wear one if it is hard to breathe (vinyl masks), have exhalation valves which allow the virus particles to escape and only protects the individual and not others or masks that are intended for health workers. Face shields are not recommended due to the CDC because there is no evidence that it is affective like a face mask. Wearing glasses is not an excuse to not wear a mask. Finding a mask that fits closely over your nose with a wire band and prevents fogging is perfect for the individuals who wear glasses. Cold weather is also not an excuse to wear a mask. The use of scarfs, ski masks, and balaclavas are not substitutes for masks during a world-wide pandemic. Make sure that precautions are taken when going out in public to prevent putting other people’s lives in danger. 

Masks are a two way street when staying healthy during this time. It takes two to tango, especially when it comes to protecting the community. Wearing a mask is one step out of four to help others around an individual stay healthy. Washing hands, staying six feet apart, avoiding crowds and wearing a mask can prevent the infection of the COVID-19 virus. Masks are a key component to preventing the spread of COVID-19 since it is a respiratory disease. They help prevent respiratory droplets from spreading. Masks are not substitutions for social distancing, and they should always be worn even when following precautions. Masks are not always required in homes or when out in public by yourself, but it is recommended that they are worn at all times in public in case an individual comes in close contact with an infected person. 

Some believe that the COVID-19 virus is a hoax and refuse to wear a mask, when in reality it is a real disease and wearing a mask is a key component to reduce the spreading to individuals. It is important that all precautions be taken seriously and that masks are worn correctly (over nose and mouth). If everyone follows every precaution seriously then the world might have the chance to heal and return to normal.