New literary magazine calling creative writers, artists, photographers


photo or infographic by Johnny Zummarga

CREATIVITY WANTED. A literary magazine for students to showcase their talent in poetry, art, photography and creative writing is in the works. Anyone interested needs to stop by B107 and talk to Ms. Brackin.

Although poems and fiction do not relate to the fast past journalism world, creative and expressive writing still needs to be published somewhere. English teacher Laura Brackin wants to create a literary magazine for students, teachers and administrators to share the works of imaginations.  

“We are looking for poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction essay like a memoir or a day in the life,” Brackin said. “The idea is to have a good collection of creative writing and some good photography.”

Students who are interested in artistic photography should join the magazine.

“Pictures of basketball and sports are good for newspaper, but we are looking for artsy fartsy,” Brackin said. “So this is like the creative side and pictures of nature.”

Gifted and talented writers will enjoy this opportunity to show other sides of them.

“Writing has always been one of the greatest things I have been able to do,” sophomore Kori Rushing said. “To use my mind and work with my hands to inspire people is what I want to do. It is easier to express your emotions by using, in the term, Shakespeare language; people who think alike with relate.”

The new magazine will allow individuals to pursue forgotten interests. 

“Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to be an author,”  senior Sure Ibukun said. “Although things have obviously changed, I still enjoy writing. I look forward to the creative projects we get in English when get to write in different perspectives. I would like to join this magazine because I would like to grow in my writing skills and educate others while also being a positive influence to potential readers and viewers.”

Others hope to provide their readers with a positive outlook on life.

“I would like to communicate hope through my writings especially with everything that is going on,” Rushing said. “People need to look for the light in the darkness which can be hard sometimes, so I try to write about positive things.”