Practice Random Acts Kindness


BE KIND. Feb. 17 is designated as Random Act of Kindness Day, but practicing random acts of kindness can always be beneficial. 

by Reagan Bond, VOW staff

Despite all of the chaos caused by the pandemic, there is never a wrong time to give out random acts of kindness. 

Feb. 17 is designated as Random Act of Kindness Day, but practicing random acts of kindness can always be beneficial. 

A random act of kindness is a non premeditated, inconsistent action designed to offer kindness to the outside world. It is a small act that can bring another person joy and it could even make their whole day. Random acts of kindness are not just giving out a compliment to someone on the street; it can be bringing someone their favorite kind of donut, sending a child in the hospital a coloring book with a box of crayons, or even donating supplies to an animal shelter. It’s giving without the intention of receiving something in return. 

Small acts of kindness are not planned. These are actions or activities that come up in a person’s mind during a situation. An example would be holding a door open for an old couple as they are walking out of a building while you’re on your way in. Every small interaction with someone is an opportunity to bring a positive impact on both parties’ lives. With random acts of kindness there is no planning and it is not time consuming. It’s something that one can do everyday no matter how small or how short the action. 

Selflessness is caring about others more than you care about yourself. Random acts of kindness is an example of being selfless. Being generous and kind can make a huge impact on someone. No one ever knows what is going on in someone’s day so if they experience an act of kindness it could bring them joy and make them want to practice their act of giving random acts of kindness. Radiating kindness can impact another and make them kind themselves. No act of kindness, no matter how big or small, is ever wasted; it will stay with someone forever. 

Some will think that random acts of kindness will give no impact on a person’s life, but in reality it can change their whole perspective of their day and influence them to practice random acts of kindness. There is never a negative impact when being kind to someone, even if it’s a random stranger. Practicing random acts of kindness can bring someone joy and happiness.