New year, new semester, new food


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

NEW OPTIONS. Taquitos are just one of the new items being offered in the cafeteria. They are available on Thursday.

Socially-distanced lines and sitting at a red X are not the only things new in the cafeteria. The Child Nutrition Department is adding new things to the menu on an almost weekly basis. 

There are now more menu choices for the students to pick from. 

“There weren’t many choices for me personally to pick from,” junior Karen Dio said. “I would end up having something too much to the point that I wouldn’t want it anymore. So having new meals to choose from is great. It makes me actually have to think about what i would want that day.”

One of the menus that has a change is the cafe. Everything is basically the same until it is to Thursday and Friday. Thursday they now  offer taquitos and on Friday they now have chicken wings. Of course students have the other choice which is chicken smackers like normal, but Friday has an additional meal which is the chicken sandwich.

“I loved taquitos and chicken wings before the school had them on the menu,” sophomore Natalie Alvarez said. “I was excited to know I can get them at the school every week. Just made the high school experience better.”

Kat’s Alley is the pizzeria. The difference on the menu is the pizza they will be serving. Instead of just serving the pepperoni pizza and the pepperoni French bread pizza, they are now also serving the four meat pizza. The pizza does change on a daily basis.

“The food tastes great,” freshmen Daniel Gomez said. “It’s better than I expected it to be. I was curious when I heard about it. I was glad for the change of food because the high school food was pretty similar to the middle school food.”

The last menu with a food change is Kat’s Kave. The changes are on Monday and Friday. Monday has two additions to the menu. On Monday students can now choose from having steak bites or bbq baked potatoes with the normal chicken tenders. Friday now has chili cheese fries with the old catfish with cornbread and bacon cheeseburger.

“I eat the chili cheese fries on Friday,” sophomore Jeremiah Buys said. “They taste alright, they are easy to eat, and that line is always short.”