Fate takes viewers into magical, gritty world of fairies


photo or infographic by courtesy photo

CLASS IS IN SESSION. The six episodes of Fate: The Winx saga will introduce you five teenage fairies and their life at their school, Alfea.

by Carlie Rutledge, VOW co-editor

Fate: The Winx Saga is a new up-and-coming Netflix original, or so people thought.  This show is actually very nostalgic for old fans, but very entertaining and exciting for newer viewers.  It has all the excitement of a thriller, but all the familiarity of the old cartoon people grew up watching.  Fate is a live-action adaptation of the kid’s show Winx Club.  Those who grew up watching the show as a kid remember it to be light and fluffy, but this is far from that.  Winx fans grew up, and so did the show.  

Hitting number one world-wide is not something easily achieved for shows, but with the millions of Winx Club fans, the new adaptation quickly skyrocketed to fame.  It opens up with an odd jump scare scene that has viewers confused, but on the edge of their seats.  It then quickly turns to the beautiful Alfea college, panning between all the students moving in for the new school year.  Right off the bat, fans are graced with the familiarity of the easy-going relationship between Sky and Bloom, who are played by London actor Danny Griffin and Netflix originals actress Abigail Cowen.  Cowen’s character is taken to a new magical world of fairies and specialists, but it is not all sunshine and rainbows.  Being at a new school is always nerve-wracking, but for Cowen’s character, it is especially daunting since she is not accustomed to a world full of magic.  

Most people think of this show and think of little kids and faires, but this adaptation is so much grittier than the original.  There are six episodes, and each one gets grittier than the last.  Although this show contains fairies and magic, it is far from Tinker Bell, and more like Mean Girls meets Harry Potter.  This show was given the rating TV mature, and that rating was given accordingly.  The show has many sexual innuendos and foul language.  This show is a Netflix original, so it is only available on Netflix to watch.  They have just renewed it for season two and it is expected to go more in-depth than season one.