Tough times make Texans even tougher


by Reagan Bond, VOW staff

Texas experienced a snowpocalypse last week leaving many Texans without power and water. The storm taught many Texans that Texas was not built for even three inches of snow. 

During the week of Valentine’s Day, Texas dropped down to freezing temperatures making many people stay home and out of the icy roads. These temperatures throughout the week called for two layers of pants, three layers on top, and two pairs of socks on at the same time, which is unusual because even in cold weather,  Texans still rock out wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. For each day of the snowstorm, the layers decreased throughout the week because people started getting used to the temperature and sitting by the fire for a long period of time made people start to sweat. The temperature outside turned into the temperature in people’s houses when the rolling blackouts cut off people’s power making them rely on their pets and other family members for warmth. 

Without the use of power means no lights, no heater and more importantly for gen z’s, no internet. Without the use of the internet, the only thing to keep people busy was to stare at their phones as they wish they were scrolling through TikTok. The lucky ones had data and could use their phone with no problem but for the majority of the people, cellular providers were down because the three inches of snow destroyed them during this snowpocalypse. As the days went on, the power was continually turned on and off and while it was on it was a race to get in as much social media time as possible as people posted their pictures in the snow acting like they have never seen snow before. Some parents were even surprised that their kids finally came out of their room for the first time to interact with their family because they were bored. 

This snow storm taught many civilians that they live in Texas for a reason, no snow. But with the devastating three inches of snow that shut down the whole state, Texans were left to survive like it was the Hunger Games. Kroger was shut down for days, and if people were lucky enough to make it to HEB, they had to wait in a line that traveled down the side of the store. When they finally got in, the only things left were cans of beans. At the end of the week the majority of people had their power back on and hopefully water. By saturday the snow was gone and everything was back to normal unless the cold caused the pipes to start leaking water from under the sink, out of the wall or even from holes in the ceiling. 

Some people thought that Texas wasn’t going to make it through the snowpocalypse, but in fact Texas survived by hanging on by a thread. No one ever thought that three inches of snow would shut down the whole state, but in the end it just made Texas stronger. During tough times, Texans get tougher.