Girls powerlifting send four to regionals

Ford headed to tournament in top spot


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

HEADED TO REGIONALS. During a practice session, junior Janice Maldonado works on getting stronger for the regional meet. Maldonado is one of four lifters competing Wednesday, March 3 in Alvin.

Using all physical strength possible, the girls apply all their hard work to lift up the heaviest they possibly can. Training year round and constantly building their strength allows the girls to compete competitively with local schools. With much success, the girls powerlifting are going to regionals.

Four girls will compete at the regional meet on Wednesday in Alvin.

Because of COVID the girls have been limited to one meet, but they still made the best of it and strived to beat out competition.

“My total weight was 930 pounds,” junior Avari Ford said. “The person who is first in the state had a total of 1200, and I am 17th in state.”

Powerlifting takes a lot of discipline because of the very specific weight classes a lifter has to be in. It is not easy to constantly eat the right things and intake a specific amount of food to maintain a steady weight.

“I prepared by watching what I eat and attending after school practices and focusing on lifting more each day,” junior Aliviah Hood said.

The girls are all looking forward to their future in the regional competition and how they can improve their lifting.

“When I found out I made regionals, I was so excited that I made it to the next step and was able to compete again,” junior Rachel Smith said.

Although the girls are anxiously awaiting their next competition, there are still some scary parts.

“I am having flashbacks to freshman year where I would have made it to state but I dropped the weight under all the pressure,” Ford said.

There is great expectations for the future of the girls at their next competition and high hopes for their scores and outcomes.

“I am first in the region, and I hope to move up in the state competition.” Ford said.