JV track ready to show talent this season


As the runner stands on the podium and looks up at the person who beat him, he thinks to himself, this is going to take a long time and a lot of hard work. 

Track season is starting and the team is ready to destroy the competition. But before the medals and the celebration comes a lot of hard work. 

While on the track the worries of the world all melt away. 

“When I am running it not only makes me feel relaxed but helps clear my mind and it feels like all the stressful things going on in my life are lifted off of my shoulders” freshman Malaya Paaske said. 

To be successful in track the athletes must not only be fast but they must believe in themselves also. Track is not just a physical sport, it’s mental too. 

“Track makes me feel like myself,” sophomore Hunter Seay said. “It also makes me feel more confident.”

The sport is not just about running For some it’s an escape. 

“Track is an escape from reality for me,” sophomore Alexander Burns. said.

When an athlete signs up for a sport they are signing up for hard work and dedication. 

“I need to work on getting better at long distance,” freshman Ryan Jasinski said. “I am going to keep practicing so that I can get better at it because the more I practice the better I will get.” 

Track is a competitive sport to some and a fun hobby to others. 

“I like track because it gives me something to do after school,” freshman Lexi Wachner said. “I also like track because my friends do it so it makes it even more fun when I am running with friends.”

Everyone has weaknesses, but if they work hard enough they  can accomplish anything. 

“My biggest weakness is stamina,” freshman Cannon Roach said. “I am going to get better at improving my stamina by eating healthier and practicing a lot.”