National Day of Unplugging set for March 5


photo or infographic by Jesus Santana

March 5th is National Day of Unplugging. The day is meant to give Americans a break from social media, constant text messages and information overload.

by Jesus Santana, VOW staff

Bright lights, loud music and social isolation.

Technology is one of the most argued topics in the 21st century and it comes to no surprise that it is both beneficial and harmful. While technology has helped schools with their education platforms and better communication with students, it has also caused students to socially isolate themselves and muffle their hearing with endless music. While music and social media are not harmful on their own they can be distracting and addicting which can lead to social isolation and disconnection from society.

Technology is great but sometimes people need to take a break, and that’s what the national day of unplugging is. It is healthy and beneficial to disconnect at every once in a while to take a break and enjoy life outside technology.

National Day of Unplugging is on March 5th, with the goal to allow students and parents to disconnect from technology for one day and enjoy the joys life has to offer. Doing something together without television, technology, or something that is dependent on technology is the one of the main goals. Going out and going to some trails to walk in the forest and enjoy a casual stroke or wild bike ride is a great way to enjoy a day away from technology.

Although sometimes going without technology is not possible for long periods of time since schools are now highly dependent on technology and much of society revolves around large social media platforms, simply attempting to disconnect for a few hours is all this special day is trying to accomplish. Nothing is more important than reminding people that earth has more to offer than technology and chaos.

Disconnecting from technology is what the National Day of Unplugging is all about. Creating a habit of disconnecting and opening the eyes of both students and parents is what this national day of unplugging is ultimately for. Unplugging from mobile devices and indulging in a hobby that does not require technology. Technology is helpful but becoming addicted to its usage is not healthy, so don’t forget to unplug on march 5 or any other day to enjoy the fun life has to offer.