Children suffer consequences of pseudo-feminist ideals

Right to life trampled by pro choice movement


photo or infographic by Heather Jackson

EQUALITY FOR ALL. Women’s rights begin in the womb and in the fight for equality.

*This is the second story in the series exploring the different perspectives of feminism. The first article “Stereotypes of feminism hinder equality movement” was the view of four different students.  The four following articles will write a story about one of the points in thein greater depth, creating a series advocating for true feminism and breaking down the negative connotations that have been tethered to it. 

A woman walks into a clinic; her decision has been made. She enters a cold, clean, crisp room and sits on the operating table; the doctor walks in, and the procedure begins. She walked in with two heartbeats and left with only one. A human life was taken, and the doctor calls this “healthcare.” The action cannot be taken back, and the decision is one that will have a lasting impact. This so called medical procedure is an abortion.

Abortion and pro-choice have become some of the foundations of the current feminist movement, but these ideals go against everything the movement stands for. 

The basis of the feminist movement is equal rights. Some women believe the “right to choose”  is something all women should have, but they do not take into account the women’s rights that are taken away in the process. Life begins at conception, and the very purpose of abortion is to end a human life. Americans have the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but the rights of children in the womb are being trampled on. Their lives are being taken away, and those who stole it are not held accountable. A movement that stands for equal rights should acknowledge that women’s rights, and human rights in general, should be defended, even when the human is in the womb. Abortion does not advocate for feminism and equal rights; it violates the rights of the innocent and defenseless rather than following the initial movement for equality. 

Children in the womb are powerless, and the woman who carries the child has a large responsibility: to keep the baby safe, healthy and protected. Some see motherhood as an oppressive and outdated stereotype of a woman doing the will of her husband and living as a home-maker, but the opportunity for a woman to do as she wishes and what makes her happy is what the feminist plight is all about. Being a stay-at-home mom is not an oppressive or derogatory term; it is the empowerment for some women. Not all are up to the task, but that does not mean the innocent must suffer because a person is not held responsible for their actions; this is a world where there are options other than taking away the inalienable rights of helpless children. 

Some women support the pro-choice ideals and believe that abortion and the “right to choose” is fundamental to the feminist movement because women  can do what they wish with their bodies. While this is true, the minute a woman becomes pregnant, it is not just her body anymore. It is shared with another human being, and that child’s rights should be protected at all costs. A movement that’s goal is to end the lives of an innocent human at no fault of their own has no business being connected to the feminist fight for equal rights because the children’s’ current rights are far from equal.

Feminism is a fight for equality between the sexes, but it cannot stand on a firm foundation while allowing the right to life of innocent children to be infringed. Feminism is a fight for equality, and it is not pure until it stands for all to be treated as equals. The children being harmed in this fight for so called women’s empowerment deface the very foundation in which the movement stands on. The fight is not over until the children are protected and have people speak up for them when they cannot speak for themselves; it is not over until women’s empowerment is no longer seen as the murder of innocent human beings. The movement must stand for equality for all and not just for those it is convenient for.