Taking choice away only hurts women, children

Pro-life equals anti-choice


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LEGAL ABORTION SAVES LIVES. Feminism is the equality of all sexes, which means the equality of not only men and women but also the equality of all women.

by Sure Ibukun, VOW contributor

*This is the third story in the series exploring the different perspectives of feminism. The first article “Stereotypes of feminism hinder equality movement” was the view of four different students.  The four following articles will write a story about one of the points in thein greater depth, creating a series advocating for true feminism and breaking down the negative connotations that have been tethered to it. 

The car stops, and the girl walks out. Immediately, she is surrounded by groups of people screaming at her. They call her a sinner, the devil’s prostitute whore, and tell her that she is going to hell for her sins. What they do not know is that the only reason why that girl is there is because the one person she thought she could trust raped her. And now, she stands face to face with the welcome sign on the door that hangs directly below the words printed in eggshell white, “Abortion Clinic.”

Unfortunately, this is a scary reality that has plagued many women throughout history to the present-day. Whenever the word “abortion” comes up, many people try to input their opinions on the healthcare procedure’s validity. However, when it comes to the final opinion, it is no one’s business what a woman does with her body. To remove a woman’s choice on whether to get an abortion or not is entirely anti-feminist.

The situation described above is not the only time when women should be given a choice on whether to get an abortion or not. In addition to cases where pregnancies terminated because of rape are cases of incest and life-threatening complications. Even if a woman does not want to keep the baby because she cannot provide for it, it is her right to do so. Pro-lifers argue that the pregnancy does not have to be terminated and that the baby can be given up for foster care or adoption. While this is true, the child is not better off because it is placed in foster care; as a matter of fact, it is worse off. Children in foster care are exposed to maltreatment, sexual abuse, physical neglect and much more. The emotional trauma from these horrible lives is damaging and can affect generations to come. It has been scientifically proven that trauma can leave a chemical mark on someone’s genes which can be passed from generation to generation. It must also be noted that the same people who argue for the life of the baby are the ones who complain later in the future about the taxes raised for the upkeep of said children. Regardless of the way the baby was conceived, if a woman decides to get an abortion, she is in her right to do so and should not be shamed for such.

Furthermore, the foundation of the argument that abortion should be outlawed because it kills innocent human beings is weak and completely wrong. They are cells. Abortion does not happen when a baby’s limbs are ripped apart in the womb like many pro-lifers claim; it is ethical and safe. In fact, there is no ripping of limbs at all. It is a medical removal of cells in the cervix. There are many ways, including the pill and D&E (dilation and evacuation) procedure, that a woman can get an abortion. To manipulate women who want to get an abortion and gaslight them into thinking that they are murderers is disgusting. Pro-lifers argue that people who defend a woman’s choice to get an abortion are refusing the fetus of its fundamental rights. However, this is incorrect. Inalienable rights are given when a human being is born. If the baby is not born, then it is not being deprived of its rights. Women should be treated with the same respect and rights to privacy men are given, and this should not be indifferent when it comes to their personal healthcare decisions. 

A woman is not less of a feminist because she decides to get an abortion; neither is a woman who decides to keep her baby. Feminism is the equality of all sexes, which means the equality of not only men and women but also the equality of all women. When a woman is shamed for the choices she makes by other women, the efforts of the feminist movement are pushed back. The very base of the pro-choice movement is that it is a women’s right to choose whether they want an abortion or not. If a woman decides to keep her baby and become a mother, she is in her right to do so. On the other hand, if she feels that she does not want to have a child, then it is her choice and right to get an abortion. Pro-lifers who want the law to be amended so that the government (which consists primarily of men- around 70 percent- who know nothing about the harsh realities women live through because of the damaging patriarchal system of society) outlaws abortion are anti-feminists; they have removed a woman’s right to her privacy in healthcare. To be pro-life is to be anti-choice, and that goes against everything feminism stands for.