Peru trip set for summer 2022


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

PERU BOUND. Spanish teacher Nicole Ibarra is organizing a trip with EFTours to Peru.

Dramatic waterfalls. Ancient Inca ruins. Exploring the magic of Machu Picchu.

Peru offers so many exotic and extraordinary destinations. They are now opened to students for a once-in-lifetime trip to Peru.

Foreign language speakers with two years of experience have the very special chance to go on a field trip and learn about the different culture, language and necessities in another land. Spanish teacher Nicole Ibarra is the faculty member who is heading the trip.

“Anyone who has had two years of one language go on the field trip,” Ibarra said.

The field trip is in the summer of July 2022. As long as a student that has finished at least their second year of a foreign language then they are eligible for taking the field trip. More info is available from EFTours

The field trip will give a relaxing affordable and learning opportunity trip. Ibarra says that payment options vary to support your child through their experience in Peru.

This trip will give students a chance to encounter a spanish conversation to find directions, buy food, and have fun while doing so.

“This field trip is a learning and language trip that shows students how important it is to learn a second language and speak it fluently,” Ibarra said.

The trip will follow a service-focused itinerary. It will feature meaningful, community-driven projects. It will allow students to earn high school or college credit and earn volunteer hours while on the trip.

“The field trips we take help the community we go to,” Ibarra said. “Whether it’s paying for a meal or building a garden.”