Rogers, Ford qualify for state powerlifting meets


photo or infographic by Avari Ford

GIVING IT HIS ALL. With the state meet in his sights, junior Zach Rogers deadlifts at a qualifying meet. Rogers totalled over 1500 pounds to qualify for the state meet.

1515 pounds. That is the weight of 176 gallons of milk, 84 bicycles, 4208 iPhones 12 or 41 cinder blocks. It is also the combined weight junior Zach Rogers’s weight at the regional powerlifting meet.

The 1515 pounds qualified Rogers for the Texas High School Powerlifting Association state powerlifting meet in Abilene at the Taylor County Expo Center on March 27th.

Rogers earned his trip to the state meet with a squat of 620 pounds, 330 pounds on bench press and a deadlift of 565 pounds. Rogers placed first in the region at his last meet, but still continued to strive to go higher.

“I was very excited but not satisfied,” Rogers said. “I still kept my humble composure and went right back to work the next day.” 

Coaches are the main inspirations to the players. They push them to keep working hard and strengthen their students mentality when lifting. This is important to gain the confidence in knowing a player can lift more than they think.

“Coach Herrera inspired me to keep pushing myself and to not give up,” Rogers said. “Also, Coach Wall inspired me by telling me that the weight is not actually heavy, it just feels heavy because it is a mindset.”

With a lot of training, Rogers, at the last meet, made two new personal records.

“I squatted 630 pounds, benched 320 pounds, and deadlift 565 pounds,” Rogers said.

Rogers continued through the season using specific training to help him gain strength.

“Some specific training would be lighter weight with more reps before the season and leading up to the season I would do heavier weight with less reps,” Rogers said. 

And still, Rogers will keep pushing to do more than he can to be successful. With perseverance he will reach his goals and highest weight possible.

“It feels really good to be in my place, but I am still not settled,” Rogers said. “I want more.”

PLANNING FOR STATE. At the regional meet, junior Avari Ford dead lifts to qualify for state. Her qualifying weights were 330 pounds deadlift, 415 pounds squat and 185 pounds bench press. (photo or infographic by Rachel Smith)

Junior Avari Ford also qualified for state competition. The junior went to the regional meet as the top lifter in her weigh class. Her total weight at regionals was 930 pounds. She combined a 415 squat, 185 bench and a 330 deadlift to qualify for the Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting Association state meet.

As she was training for the state competition, Ford injured herself.

“I don’t know what I did, but I hurt my hip,” Ford said. “Coach did not think it would be a good idea for me to go to state.”

So Ford’s quest to lift a state will have to be postponed to her senior year.

“I still have next year,” Ford said. ” I just hope it is not anything to serious, and I will not never be able to lift again.”