Alumni game brings softball players back to Shelly Field


photo or infographic by Charnell Haywood.

SHOCKED AND AMUSED. Surprised by the intensity of the alumni players, seniors Cynthia Moreno and Kaleyana Bankhead head back to the dugout from the outfield.

Warm up. Get the bats ready. Put the gloves on. Clean the Plate. All strikes. Get them out. The alumni are coming home to Shelly Field. 

LOOKING TO STEAL. Playing against the girls she coaches, Coach Rachel King plays for the alumni. King graduated from Willis and now coaches the JV team. (photo or infographic by Charnell Haywood)

The first ever softball alumni game was hosted March 27th. Players from the past years came to Shelly Field to play current team members. 

“This was the first alumni game ever,” senior Cynthia Moreno said. “Basically they graduated from Willis High and were invited back to play against us. I had a blast and I definitely didn’t know Coach King could run.”

Players were taken by surprise by how many times the alumni scored.

“I definitely did not expect them to score as much as they did, but it was a lot of energy and we had a good time,” sophomore Lauren Hues said.

The alumni enjoyed getting back out and playing the game once more again. 

“Not only am I an alumni, but it was just great for me to get back and play my athletes where I played when I was in school,” Coach Rachel King said. 

PLAYING FOR THE WINNING TEAM. Because the alumni did not have enough players, senior Marissa Fletcher played against her usual teammates. The alumni won the game. (photo or infographic by Charnell Haywood)

Some varsity players helped out with the other team and was overjoyed when their team won. 

“It was fun to get to play with past players,” senior Marissa Fletcher said. “Since the alumni didn’t have enough players, I was on their team. The alumni won, so I liked being on the winning team.”

The overall game just allowed for everyone to play ball, and it gave varsity more reps to play. 

“It was a lot of fun,” Coach Lyndsey Lipscomb said. “Thanks for all the alumni for coming out. It gave the team more gigs, more reps, more bats. I’m glad we could get everyone out on a Saturday to just play some ball.”