Show love for mother Earth


photo or infographic by Jesus Santana

WEAR GREEN. A poster in the hall promotes Earth Day. All students are encouraged to wear green.

Earth Day is one of the few days where people can publicly express their love for the planet they live on. By wearing green and doing their plant a tree or keeping the planet clean, everyone can help the Earth recover from our countless littering. On Thursday, everyone is asked to wear green to show their love and support for the Earth Day mission: to help keep the earth as healthy as it can be by picking up litter, cleaning up the oceans, recycling, decreasing deforestation, using cleaner energy sources and replanting plenty of trees to keep the earth green.

By wearing green everyone can show that they want to help earth recover from our settlements and help it remain as healthy as possible for as long as we can. 

It all started back in 1970 on a lower scale to keep the earth clean and replant trees in any way they could. It did not become a big thing until the 20th century to current times since people started to notice the constant changes in global warming and pollution. The point of Earth Day is to inspire more people to join the worldwide club and start cleaning up the earth with everyone else that wants to help. Every year on April 22nd, everyone wears green to express their love for the earth and to show that they care about helping the earth recover from our abuse.

Wearing green is a great start to joining the worldwide green movement, but getting involved and cleaning up the earth is the main goal.

— Jesus Santana

Wearing green is a great start to joining the worldwide green movement, but getting involved and cleaning up the earth is the main goal. Getting everyone to do their part and recycle when they can, or donating to people who want to plant more trees for those who can’t. Some people believe Earth Day is for nothing and that everyone is wasting their time in trying to save the planet because it is going to die anyways, but doing that is like giving up on a dying plant without watering it. It just needs that little bit of water to grow and keep its lovely glow in the sun.

Earth needs its inhabitants to clean up for themselves so that it can stay clean for as long as possible. Nothing can be accomplished alone, so get involved and wear green so that everyone knows who is part of the green team. The earth is a beautiful place and it just needs people to help it stay clean and plant some trees. Nothing is worse than doing nothing and leaving the earth to die with no effort. Help the Earth with Earth Day by wearing green and showing love for the planet.