Senior express thoughts as graduation nears

Ceremony set for June 3


photo or infographic by Sure Ibukun

WILDKATS NEVER DIE. Members of the class of 2020 link pinkies during the school song at the 2020 graduation. The 2021 ceremony will also be at The Woodlands Pavillion.

13 years. 9 months. 5 days a week. 8 hours a day. Class after class. Lesson after lesson. Friend after friend. Game after game. One last walk. One last look back through the years. It is getting closer by the second. 

Seniors will be graduating in one ceremony on June 3 in the Woodlands Pavilion at 8 pm. 

Plans were announced by an email from Principal Stephanie Hodgins. 

“We have finalized graduation plans.” Hodgins said. “The speakers will be live. The choir will perform, but the band will have to be pre recorded. I am excited to email the parents and students because they are anxious to make plans.” 

Students are excited that there will be one ceremony and appreciate the chance to get to invite six members to attend, which is more than what some was expecting. 

“I’m super excited that we have one ceremony because now me and all my friends can graduate together,” senior Maci Konen said. “I am really grateful that we get six tickets because I have a ton of family members dying to be there. I know that I can’t bring everyone I had originally planned on but six is definitely more than I was expecting.”

Due to unfortunate circumstances, some students have already made plans when graduation was in May so they will not get to experience it like they wanted to. 

“Graduation excites me, it always has,” senior Jill Berger said. “It’s been something I’ve been thinking of ever since I was a little girl, but now that it’s getting closer, I find myself feeling a little nostalgic towards the memory of it. But, I don’t get to experience it because since I enlisted, my ship date was established when graduation was in May, but graduation moved and my ship date can’t.”

Seniors are nervous, but excited to finish this chapter in their life and is anticipating going into adulthood. 

“I am really excited about ending this chapter of my life and finally going into adulthood,” senior Kimberlyn Finley said. “I personally don’t like the date because it is very close to my birthday and it would be better if it was not on a Thursday. I do appreciate the six tickets available.”

Graduation only being weeks away is really hitting most hard, but they are living every moment left in their high school days until they walk. 

“All year I was scared that I would not be able to share the moment with close friends so hearing that we will all be together was a relief for me,” senior Bradon Krutz said. “I’m ready to begin the next chapter in my life but closing the current one will be difficult. Graduation’s closeness really hit me a couple of weeks ago, and it doesn’t seem quite real. It seems like yesterday I was just graduating Kindergarten and now I’m here.”