College and Career Center helps students with their next steps


photo or infographic by Summer Rains

DON’T BE THAT KID. A famous Neumann catchphrase, “Don’t be that kid,” means that she wants students to be proactive about their next steps instead of falling behind. Steph Keele is being proactive by checking in with Neumann about her application status at SHSU.

by Summer Rains, VOW editor

  It’s a short walk from the cafeteria to room B205. It’s a normal sized classroom, but normal classroom activities are not occurring inside. The walls are covered in college pendants, bookshelves are stocked with college pamphlets and there’s comfy chairs and desktops for any students that visit. The door is always open, and when students walk in, they are met by a smiling face sitting at the desk across the room. 

This classroom is the College and Career Center, and Trisha Neumann is the advisor for the whole campus. Students can come during their lunch to ask questions or get advice about how to move forward after receiving their diploma.

“My job here in the College and Career Center is to work with students on their next steps after high school,” Neumann said. “This year I have a new secretary, Mrs. Wells, and she will be able to help me with students during the busier times when students are working on college applications and essays.”

Neumann not only works on getting students started on the college planning process, but she works with them all the way through to the end. She connects students to all the information that they need to be prepared for their next steps.

“Starting next week our recruiters will be back at the high school,” Neumann said. “They will be in the cafeteria this year as well as in the College and Career Center. The Marines are planning to coming on Mondays, Army is coming on Tuesdays and Navy is coming on Thursdays. The Air Force plans to come once a month.” 

The senior events are already being planned and Neumann is excited for what’s to come this school year.

“We are planning on reserving the PAC for college rep visits during academy,” Neumann said. “Both students and academy teachers can sign up to attend these events once we have it set up on the College and Career Center website. We’re also planning on having more informational nights where students and parents can get their questions answered and even bring up their tax information for the FAFSA.”

Some old senior traditions are coming back along with the new ones, and Neumann is excited to share the love with the class of ‘22.

“Neumann’s Famous Iced Coffee will be held on November 16th,” Neumann said. “Last time we had this event, I made 16 gallons of coffee. All students need to do is either bring me a college acceptance letter, scholarships that you’ve received so far, military enlistment paperwork or ask a college and career related question. We are also planning for senior awards nights and I’m hoping to recognize at least 50% of students this year.”

The college and career center is a welcoming environment for students that need help with their next steps. Neumann is always happy to lend a helping hand to anyone on campus that doesn’t know where to start planning for after high school.

“I’m in here almost every day during lunches and students don’t need an appointment, they can just pop in anytime and talk or just hang out and eat their lunch,” Neumann said. “Students can also come in if they are done with all their class work and their teachers say it’s ok if they have any questions or need any help researching colleges, enlistment or job opportunities for their future.”