Students split on wearing masks


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

MASK OR NO MASK. With COVID cases exploding this week, students have the choice to mask up or not.

For the new school year, this school district has made masks optional. This follows the state mandate that no government agencies can make masks mandatory. With new COVID cases being reported every day, opinions on the topic vary with each student.

“I think it’s perfect. If I want to have extra protection against COVID I can,” freshman Railey Gunnels said. “If I don’t want to wear one, I don’t have to. I have more control over my body, whether others think my choice is good or bad.” 

A few methods the CDC has recommended to keep students safe include wearing a mask, washing your hands, avoiding large crowds and getting vaccinated. After being vaccinated, sophomore Owen Baker feels safer coming back to school.

“I believe we should be going by the CDC and their advice, but I understand why the policy is what it is,” sophomore Owen Baker said.

Some students chose to wear masks to protect themselves from missing school and work.

“I wear my mask because I do not want to get the COVID,” senior Bryson Reece said. “I don’t want to miss two weeks or two months of work.”

Other students are enjoying not having to put on a mask every day.

“It is cool not having to wear a mask,” sophomore Riiya Sorenson said. “It gives us freedom. Plus, you can still get COVID even if you wear a mask.”

Many times, students who are against the mask policy make fun of the students who still wear masks. Whether a person wears one or not is a personal choice, and some students feel that these students who feel safer wearing masks should not be discouraged. 

“The downside are those students who put down others for still wearing them,” senior Lydia Massie said.