Camo floods school as classes compete for pep rally seats

Camo flooded the halls and classrooms as the Kats prepared for their first game under the Friday night lights this season.

“Catch the Cougars,” was the theme for the first game of the season.

Only two classes earned seats at the pep rally on Friday. 

“I wore camo to show school spirit because I won’t be able to make the game because I have a tennis match,” junior Blaine Eckert said. “I also wore camo to help the juniors win the chance to show up to the pep rally”

The classes with the highest number of students dressed up Thursday were allowed to watch the pep rally in the gym.

“I’m wearing camo because the announcements said whichever grade had to most people wear camo got to go to the pep rally,” senior Ryan Glascow. “Once I heard that I wanted to win so I could get out of class.”

Other students chose camo for the fashion or comfort of their clothes. 

”I wore camo to show support towards the football team,” junior Lauren Hues said. “I wanted to get out of class to go to the pep rally, and because I love my camo shorts,”

For the seniors, attending the pep rally was just one more milestone for their last year.

“I’m wearing camo because it is my senior year and I want to go to the pep rally,” senior Grace Uch.  “I also don’t like that we have to compete to be able to go.”