Loudest Wildkat fan cheers for #74

Nana cheers for her grandson, all his teammates


photo or infographic by Summer Rains

GO ROGERS. From the center of the stands, Trina McAfee cheers for her grandson and the Wildkat football team. Known as Nana to her grandson senior Zach Rogers and the rest of the team, McAfee’s voice can often be heard over all others in the stands.

The loudest voice in the stadium, the biggest supporter of the players and the most devoted fan. Come rain or shine, it’s guaranteed that Nana will be in the stands cheering for her grandson and his teammates. Trina “Nana” McAfee is the grandmother of senior football lineman Zach Rogers and she has gone to every game that Rogers has played. 

Last Friday was the first home game of the 2021 season. The Wildkats played the Tomball Cougars and Nana was there to support her Willis Wildkats. 

“Zach has been playing football since he was five years old,” McAfee said. “I’ve gone to every game, haven’t missed a single one, even the away ones. I’m excited to watch him play in  his senior season because I can’t wait to see where life takes him.”

Nana’s voice can be heard far and wide throughout Yates Stadium. Nana is such a big supporter of her grandson’s team and she is considered a grandma to all.

“It makes me feel great that I’m known for cheering for the team and let me tell you why,” McAfee said. “Zachary used to come home and say ‘Nana, one of my teammates wants you to yell for him,’ and I’d say ‘Aww really, what’s his number,’ and he’d say ‘I’ll get his number, be sure you yell for him too.’ So that’s what really started all of this and whatever kid wants me to yell for them, Nana yells for them.” 

A football stadium can be very loud, but Nana is louder. Over all of the shouts and screams of the fans and the cheers of the Pitkru and Cheerkats, Rogers can still hear Nana’s voice. 

“A lot of times her voice is the only thing I can hear,” Rogers said. “It’s been really good having support from her and I am very humble because I know a lot of kids don’t have or get that experience.” 

Rogers has received several different offers from colleges to go play football and Nana is being very supportive in his decision process. 

“I know A&M has seriously talked with him,” McAfee said. “He doesn’t know where he wants to go yet, I think he’s still waiting to hear from Jesus, but we’re proud of him wherever he goes. I told him that if he goes far away, Nana and Pawpaw have to go find an apartment. We plan, if the Lord’s willing, to be at every college game.”