Spirit group continues legacy while creating memories

Pit Kru welcomes new members to sidelines on Friday nights


photo or infographic by Kendall Cobb

JOIN THE PITKRU. Cheer on the Wildkat football team from the sidelines with PitKru.

With their painted faces and homemade drums made of dented trash cans and old buckets, members of the Pit Kru are a group hard to miss. At home football games, the spirit group made of juniors and seniors stand on the track and cheer on the Wildkats. 

“Pit Kru is a legacy,” senior Hunter Dorris said. “My father and his friends started it when they were in high school. I just feel like everyone should be proud of our school.”

Pit Kru always welcomes juniors and seniors who want to boost school spirit. At the next home game on Sept. 10, 2021, Pit Kru will be on the sidelines cheering the Wildkats to victory over A&M Consolidated. Any Wildkats who want to join need to talk to math teacher James Boswell about joining. 

“I am doing Pit Kru because my friends invited me to go with them,” senior Kristina Jones said. “I said ‘yes’ so I could show up to the game and support the football team.”

Many seniors that are in Pit Kru see this as an opportunity to enjoy their senior year and to continue this legacy of being crazy under the Friday Night Lights.

‘‘I am doing Pit Kru because it is my senior year,” senior Grace Uch said. “I want to do all the extra activities and be involved in them.”

Pit Kru is a time to hangout with friends and to enjoy the football game. Watching from that close makes for a fun and memorable experience.

“I did Pit Kru because my friend Jolie and I thought it’d be funny,” junior Abby Taylor said. “It is fun.”

Pit Kru is a time for all students to come out, show their school spirit, and support the football team. Friday Night Lights and Pit Kru are a great combination to have fun and great memories. 

“I am doing Pit Kru  because it is fun with my friends,” senior Bianca Gutierrez said. “Plus, I get to get closer to the game and get into the games for free.”