Embrace Wildkat pride, spirit


photo or infographic by Kendall Cobb

WILDKATS NEVER DIE. At the game against Houston Bellaire, seniors Paige Greeney and Jennifer Talley yell with the PitKru. The PitKru is an organization on campus that boost spirit at football games.

by Hannah Hartman, VOW staff

Cheering on the players at football games. Screaming as loud as possible at pep-rallies. Supporting the school by dressing-out in purple and painting faces. Showing school spirit is very important for the morale and tone of the school’s pride and community.  When the student body shows their school spirit on and off campus, the immeasurable passion that spreads through the community expands Wildkat pride. School spirit and school pride should not be dependent on the scoreboard at the end of a game. Wildkat pride is something to be embraced and lived every day. 

Showing up to the Friday night football games shows the school spirit and the student fight for the Wildkat football players. Screaming throughout the game and participating in PitKrew sends spirit up and sends the drive to the football players to fight. Pushing beyond the limits is what Wildkats do, never quitting until that last second on the clock sounds. 

On Fridays during school, pep-rallies are what create the intensity with the passion and fight through the band, the cheerleaders, the Sweethearts, the football players and the student body. Pushing through hard times and going against the toughest competition will make the pride come out in the gymnasium and spread all the way to the field. 

Throughout the week posters are made and posted on the walls to show the student body who the Wildkats are going up against. That same week is when the students and staff dress-out in whatever best supports that “battle.” Showing up and showing out to make your school proud is what Friday nights are all about. Covering their bodies in paint, dressed in school colors, and bringing drums with bells and trash cans to make a lot of noise to show their school spirit and fight. 

So, show up and show out for the Wildkats to show school spirit and give the community that push to fight to win. Cheer along with the cheerleaders, scream and shout as loud as possible and dress-out in school colors to prove what Wildkat pride truly represents. Speak about the students and teams who compete each and every week in a positive manner, and support them with all the Wildkat spirit possible.