Football comes together for win against tough 6A foe


photo or infographic by Katherine Lee

SHARING HIS CELEBRATION. After scoring against Houston Bellaire, senior Jadarius Brown celebrated with the crowd. The 50-27 win for the WIldkats was the first for the season.

The stands are filled. The band is silent. The Sweethearts and cheerleaders are still. Both sides of the field watch in silent anticipation for the countdown to begin. Ten seconds. One more play. 

The football team took home a Wildkat win last Friday against Houston Bellaire, with a score of 50-27. Their next game will be against A&M Consolidated today at 7 p.m. 

“The win really gave us momentum heading to College Station to take on a good football team,” junior Hutton Hoegemeyer said. “We played as a team last Friday and focused on the details and played great.”

Starting the season off with a win, especially in 6A, should bring more school spirit to the high school. 

“It feels very good and rewarding,” senior Zach Rogers said. ”It will increase morale across the school including the team.”

Many players had star moments throughout the game, including senior quarterback Derrick Lagway with a total of 166 yards passed. Senior Ja’darius Brown had a total of 47 yards and two touchdowns. 

“After I make a touchdown, the first thing that pops into my head is to celebrate,” said senior Ja’darius Brown. “Always enjoy the moment.”

The overall goal of the team is to make it to playoffs and advance as far as they possibly can. 

“We can for sure make the playoffs if we play like we did,”  Hoegemeyer said. “Everyone really stepped up and kept good energy the whole game which really stuck with me.” 

Fighting through COVID-19 last year, and a rocky start to this year with many being quarantined, the team has been through thick and thin fighting for a good season. Last week’s win will keep spirits high as they continue fighting through the season. 

“Coming together and dealing with adversity is how we are going to keep winning games,” senior Johnny McHenry said. “We will keep staying positive on the side lines and never give up.”