Marvel Studios explores the unknown in the Disney + series “What if…?”


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ANIMATED ACTION. The new Disney + series that asks the question “What if?”

by Summer Rains, VOW editor

One universe that fans and audience members have grown to love over the past 13 years turns into a multiverse of new stories. The new marvel cartoon series on Disney + , “What if…?” takes the classic marvel stories and changes one aspect of them to create a completely new universe.  From a zombie apocalypse to the crumbling of the world as we know it, Marvel Studios has made six different episodes that delve into the unknown and put a spin on the classic comic characters.

The series is narrated by a brand new character called The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright). He watches each universe and tells their stories, whether they’re doomed to flourish or crumble. The first episode dives into what the world would be like if Steve Rogers never got the super soldier serum. Instead, Peggy Carter was the one to undergo the life altering experiment and give her body to science for the war. The second episode explores what the entire universe would be like if T’Challa became Star-Lord instead of King of Wakanda. The other four episodes also ask the question of, “How would the universe get by without the help of Earth’s mightiest heroes?”

The shoes of infamous characters like Loki and Director Fury could not be filled by just anyone. Actors like Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson returned to voice the beloved Marvel characters that audience members adore. The majority of the marvel cast came back to voice their characters in this animated series, but the few that did not return were Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson and Tom Holland. 

The show is rated TV-14 and may be considered a little scary for younger viewers due to a corrupt Dr. Strange episode and the Zombie Apocalypse episode. Marvel has announced that at this point, the series is more than halfway over. Marvel fans should expect about four more episodes from the studio to complete the series. With the 2021 release ballot being full to the brim, first time viewers and die hard fans alike have nothing to worry about because there is still more planned to be released even as the year comes to a close. Marvel Studios “Eternals” is set to hit the big screen on November 6, 2021. There are also two more Disney + shows that are set for this year, “Hawkeye” and “Ms. Marvel.” The year will end with the release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” on December 17, 2021, but this is just the start of Phase Four.