Show Wildkat spirit on HOCO dress up days


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media

DRESS UP DAYS. The week of homecoming is full of fun and exciting dress up days to get ready for the football game.

by Summer Rains, VOW editor

Country vs. country club Day. Hip Hop Day. Decades Day. Neon Day. Spirit Day. The dress up week for homecoming is one of the age old traditions at the high school. Seeing the halls of the main building and CTE building filled with school spirit is exciting for many on campus. Each day leads up to the well awaited for spirit day and then the exciting homecoming game.

The dress up days for 2021 homecoming were released on Monday by Student Council and the week of homecoming is the 18th of October. 

Homecoming is one of the many traditions that seniors take part in. From making their own mums and garters, to picking their outfits for the dance, there is a lot to get excited about.

“When I heard we were doing senior overalls I know I just had to participate because it is one of the big parts of senior year,” senior Hannah Lebow said. “The fun part is getting to really express yourself when making them. I want to be able to keep them for a long time as one of my high school memories.”

“We are most excited for Country VS. Country Club,” junior Rylee Neumann said.

Spirit week isn’t for everyone, but the majority of students are still excited to see the halls flooded with dressed up students.

“I’m not dressing up for Spirit Week, but I’m excited to see Neon Day, and least excited to see Hiphop Day,” sophomore Melanie Garcia said.

While others may be missing out on all the fun of dressing up, some students are going all out and dressing up in brightly colored clothes and leg warmers.

“I’m most definitely dressing up for Spirit Week,” senior Jackie Ramirez said. “I’m really excited for Hiphop and Neon Day. But what even is Country Day? I’m not doing that.”

Everyone has their favorite dress up days for spirit week that they can’t wait for, as well as their least favorite.

“I’m most excited for Decades Day and I’m least excited for Country Day,” freshman Amelia Hardin said.

Seniors are ready to take part in the homecoming dress up week, especially since it is their last time. They’re ready to make memories and have school spirit as part of their senior traditions. 

“I’m super excited to participate in something that I’ve been doing since freshman year,” senior Lindsey Pipes said. “I’ll definitely be dressing up everyday including Spirit Day when we get to wear our senior overalls.”