SYNK club prepares members for real life


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media

STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW. The SYNK club will host its first meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 21. For more info contact Mr. Manning.

by Stephanie Keele, VOW Multimedia editor

Driving down the street, jamming to music, then all of the sudden a flat tire. Panic floods the driver as they don’t know what to do. They were never taught how to deal with this situation. On the side of the road stranded, calling parents for assistance. Unsure of what the consequences will be, making a catastrophe more troubling. 

SYNK, Stuff You Need to Know, club has their first meeting on Sept. 21st. They will be addressing basic mechanics like changing a flat tire and changing oil. This club is a good chance for students to learn about how to be an “adult” and take care of responsibilities they will have in the future. It is crucial to be prepared for necessary events so students know the best way to address issues with the easiest and most effective solution.

From doing taxes to learning about your surroundings, SYNK club teaches students how to be through the struggles of adulting. 

As students start to take on more intensive responsibilities, they will need a guide to push them in the right direction. Opening the eyes of students towards success in the future. 

“SYNK club offers life advice, often it’s advice most teens don’t want to hear but have to,” senior Lucero Garcia said. “It’s extremely important.” 

Many students complain that school doesn’t offer an opportunity for them to get ready for the inevitable, the future. This club allows for students to experience different situations and how to deal with them. 

“We were frustrated that we didn’t know how to take care of a car, properly handle money, or anything else that school doesn’t necessarily teach us,” senior Faith Miner said. “So we created this club to help teach students how to handle a variety of situations.” 

Everyone needs to know how to do basic maintenance on their vehicle. These skills will help them save money in the future. 

“This first meeting is going to teach us how to maintain a car,” Miner said. “We will learn where things are located in the car and what to do if it stops working.” 

 As students grow up, they take life lessons that they have learned into the future. It is essential to be able to take these lessons into college and the real world. 

 “This club has let me know about important issues,” Garcia said. “Especially things that I need to know as a woman to protect myself in the real world.”