One way hallways can serve as solution to crowds


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media

ONE WAY HALLS ARE GOOD FOR ALL. Started to keep students safe during COVID, one way halls need to stay.

by Stephanie Keele, VOW Multimedia editor

Shuffling of chromebooks and papers being shoved into backpacks as students rush to get out of class when the bell rings. The hallways fill with students and start to get crowded. People pushing and shoving others to get to their next class. Aggravation fills the students as they bump into each other. Teachers and administrators are thinking about how they could fix this issue. 

One way hallways help with crowd control as school is back in action. 

Last year, one way hallways helped regulate and prevent the spread of COVID. However, the rules still apply this year. The new hallway procedures keep the students moving from the left to right during the roaming periods between classes. Arrows are plastered in purple tape on the walls to help guide students to go the right way. 

The school is expanding as new students come into class everyday. This expansion is bringing more traffic. One way hallways helps establish a flow and makes it easier to commute to class. Having students move in the same direction prevents them from bumping into each other and causes less commotion. 

   Students all know in the busiest areas of the school, it is complete and utter chaos, but imagine that in every hallway. The one way hallways help keep the craziness to a minimum. Not only does the hallways keep the flow going, it also gives an easier path to the classes. Though sometimes students will have to backtrack around to get to the classrooms, it keeps students from clumping the hallways. Students not clumping in the hallways will keep them from getting tardies as they have no reason to linger. With less tardies, students will be more successful in the classroom since they won’t be missing out on class time.

One way hallways help students and teachers around campus. Following the one way hallways is the best solution to keep crowding to a minimum.