High School relationships not worth hassle


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media

WASTE OF TIME. In a survey of current students, 50% voted that relationships are a waste of time.

Students walking hand and hand in the hall. Date nights to the movies or the mall. Late night conversations on the phone. Text message after text message all day long. A lot of people like to waste time in high school on relationships. 

High school relationships are not worth the time, money and sacrifice they require to be  successful.

High school relationships are too time consuming and tend to take focus off of things that are important. Those that have had a strong connection with someone through the four years of school have elaborated that they wish they simply didn’t. The time spent in a relationship could be valued and better used in other areas that one might lack.

There is absolutely no need for relationships in high school other than having fun and learning what to do. The relationships early in life often end up being the ones that taught us the most. Later on in life you might thank yourself for learning but regret all the time you wasted.

Relationships teach many lessons that are very beneficial although they take up too much time trying. Yes, relationships are fun and it is easy to see why one would find them entertaining, but they are not worth it. Most of them only last a portion of a month if that. Studies from an instagram poll show that half of the high school students believe relationships are a waste of time although the other half of them think they are not. Where one stands on this is completely biased on a person’s past experiences. 

Don’t spend the precious moments left in high school bound to someone that takes up useful time. Enjoy the freedom that comes with being single and spending time with friends and family.