Cosmo students host car wash this Saturday


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media

COSMO CARWASH. Members of the cosmetology classes are hosting a car wash Saturday, Sept. 25 in the CTE parking lot. Proceeds will go towards buying supplies.

Members of the cosmetology classes are trading their flatirons, blow-dryers and scissors for sponges, water hoses and bubbles. The cosmetology program is having a car wash on Sept. 25, in order to further their studies and practices in the application of beauty treatment. Tickets are $5. 

Supporting the cosmetology program is vital to continue the development of their education in beauty and to help further their careers.

“The fundraiser is for us students to get quality products and supplies to further our education in cosmetology,” senior Samuel Skeide said. 

Putting in the money goes towards more supplies, better equipment and funding the program to stay an option at the school.

“We need money for cosmetology because it would help our organization tremendously,” junior Kinley Waldrop said. “By raising money it will help with students being able to get more tools in order to practice more, so that they can graduate with their cosmetology license. This fundraiser not only helps this organization tremendously, but it’s also a great opportunity to come out and get your car washed.” 

In order to stay a successful program that produces  successful students, the cosmetology program needs the help of the community to help support their way to accomplish greater things. 

“The fundraiser is for Cosmetology Salon supplies,” cosmetology instructor Carla Hernandez said. “In the CTE parking lot on Sept. 25 between 9am and noon is where the car wash will take place, and tickets are $5 pre-sold. We need the money for cosmetology because the budget is limited, and we have a lot of students who are participating. If there is a rain-out situation we will just reschedule the car wash for another day.”