Devious Lick challenge brings topic of vandalism to forefront


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media

DIFFERENT NAME, SAME CRIME. The devious lick trend on TikTok is just adding a new name to an old act.

Vandalism is a worldwide problem often done to convey a message, get revenge or to make a profit. However, schools are currently facing rising cases of vandalism all due to social media as a joke. TikTok’s new trend, the Devious Lick, has been encouraging this action and making the crime seem like entertainment.

This is unacceptable behavior for an environment that should feel safe for students.

Schools try their best to provide many opportunities and supplies students may need. This can include fundings for clubs, field trips, textbooks and even desks. When students vandalize school property, the school has to replace and maintain property destroyed straight out of their funding. This affects the opportunity for schools to use money in more enjoyable activities for students. In some cases, schools do not have enough money to replace such vandalized property, which can lead to major problems. 

A place where students should feel comfortable and safe is now the opposite. Students are having basic necessities such as toilets and hand soap taken away from them all due to fellow classmates’ foolishness. Fear has also arisen due to such violence and force being used on objects at school, that students started questioning how long it will be until it is used on them. 

Many have tried to state that this vandalism is a way to protest against school rules or teacher behavior. But if no side demonstrates respect or behaves mannerly, then what progress would actually be made when trying to solve a problem. This is not a form of protest, this is vandalism, which is unacceptable behavior.

Teachers and staff need to take immediate action to stop this problem. Limiting the number of students out of classrooms will minimize interactions and possibilities for any sort of group activity to happen. Staff should also be put in place wherever students may go, this includes restrooms, cafeterias and parking lots as a watch to prevent mishaps. Every action must have a strict consequence to ensure it won’t happen again. 

Vandalism, no matter in what shape or form, will have negative outcomes. Social media has allowed many students to join in on vandalizing school property as a source of entertainment, which is unacceptable. With the rising school vandalization cases, students, parents, and staff must work together to put an end to these crimes. If failed to do so, schools and students worldwide will continue to suffer these horrendous effects.