More traffic + poor control = big mess


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media

PARKING LOT PROBLEMS. Students are experience long waits as they leave after the 3:05 bell. Senior Tim Gunn argues more should be done.

Every day, students are inconvenienced by poor traffic control. Many students around campus have complained about how time consuming leaving school is, but their words have fallen upon deaf ears.

Whether it’s building another exit or releasing students at a different time to allow both officers in charge of the parking lot to get ready, the school needs to find a better way to manage the flow of traffic in the parking lot. 

With so many students leaving school at the same time, making your way out of the parking lot takes an exorbitant amount of time. The police officer who stands in the middle of the street does nothing to help the flow of traffic in the parking lot. A second police officer comes to direct parking lot traffic, but by the time he gets out there to help, anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes has been wasted sitting in the parking lot.

Most students who are old enough to drive have some sort of obligation that isn’t related to school. Some students have to pick up younger siblings from school. With the high school and middle schools releasing at the same time, the parking lot can be a bit problematic. On top of that, many students have jobs to worry about.

Though some students might argue that the school has bigger and better things to worry about, the parking lot issue is one that needs to be addressed. This problem is not new, and until it is resolved, the issue will only continue to worsen. There have already been accidents in and around the parking lot this year because the parking lot is so crowded and difficult to navigate.

The school needs to address the problems with the parking lot and find a way to smooth things out. Tell the administration how you really feel. Help solve the problem of the parking lot, and reap the benefits of the complaining.