Battle of the streaming services


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THE APPLE VS THE SOUND BARS. Writers discuss both Apple Music and Spotify and which platform is better.

by Summer Rains and Katherine Lee

From big hit names to up and coming indie bands, there are thousands of options when it comes to choosing what music to listen to. After deciding what kind of music to listen to, listeners have to decide how they want to experience their selected tunes. Apps like Spotify and Apple Music give fans and casual listeners alike an enjoyable experience when they use their platform. For years there have been arguments over which App is better, below is the discussion of what each has to offer.

Spotify is a streaming platform that offers many different choices than other music providers. There is an option of either having the free version or the premium version, however, users do not lose the ability to personalize their Spotify experience. Spotify gives users the ability to upload their own music, giving listeners the opportunity to listen to millions of songs for free. Users are given a total of eight Daily Mixes, a personalized playlist made daily that is a blend of known and unknown songs, and a song can be added or removed with one simple click. At the end of the year, users are given a “Spotify Wrapped,” which is a personalized playlists of a user’s top songs and potential songs that they could enjoy. If a user is a top listener of a specific artist, they might even have the chance to win free concert tickets. The premium version costs $5.99/month. With Spotify Premium, users have unlimited skips with zero ads and the ability to listen to a playlist in whatever order they choose. While premium does have perks, users do not lose the true benefits of using Spotify. 

Apple Music is only available to apple users, but it’s exclusiveness has a lot to offer. With weekly personalized playlists to hundreds of suggested radio stations that are updated constantly, a lot comes with the subscription. The single subscription costs $9.99/month, the family subscription costs $14.99/month and the student memberships cost $4.99/month. Some of the several playlists that Apple Music has to offer are the “Replay” playlist and the “Essentials” playlist. “Replay” playlists are for each year a user has had Apple Music. It allows users to relive their favorite songs from previous years and look back on what their top songs were. The “Essentials” playlists are created for almost every artist featured on Apple Music. The carefully curated playlists give listeners all the best tunes from particular artists and tell them. The platform also offers hundreds of radio stations ranging from music genres like country and pop, to their own live shows like “The Apple Music 1 List.” With Apple Music, users have the freedom to download and listen to as many songs as they want, create and personalize their own playlists, as well as listen to other users’ public playlists and even watch music videos. 

When it comes down to it, Spotify and Apple Music have very similar platforms. One of the big differences between the two rivals is in the prices. It’s up to users to decide which platform they like best and whether or not they want to pay an extra five dollars or ten dollars for their listening experience. Another difference is that there are songs on spotify that haven’t been officially released. Unproduced, original songs are uploaded onto Spotify by artists and offered to Spotify users, but are not available to the Apple Music listeners.