Netflix Original that will shock You to your core


photo or infographic by courtesy photo

YOU. The Netflix Original poster for You reveals the main character Joe and his wife Love staring menacingly at the camera. The third season premieres Oct. 13.

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor

The Netflix Original You has taken over the world with its exciting new point of view about the world of a psychopath. It follows the story of Joe, a young man who becomes obsessed with his girlfriend, Beck,  and his obsession with his second girlfriend, and equally psychopathic girlfriend Love, in season 2. The two seasons show his obsession with two different woman. Season 3 premiers Oct. 15.

Penn Badgley’s performance as Joe is truly phenomenal. Badgley reveals that he has received some backlash for people believing that he is truly psychotic and how it is even effecting his real life relationships. Scenes of him grinding human flesh, and then revealing how he truly cares and loves for his victims creates a love-hate relationship with the main, psychotic character. Beck, the female love interests in Season 1, is a book loving, vivacious women who captured the interests of Beck by simply walking into a library. Elizabeth Hall, the actress who plays Beck, is perfect for portraying an average innocent woman who fell in love with a man who seems normal on the outside, but reveals himself to be a psychopath. 

You differs from other psychological TV shows as it follows the story of the psychopath instead of the victims. The differing point-of-view is what makes it the thriller that it is because the viewer can see the reasons why Joe is a psychopath. The characters in the show open anyone’s eyes to the reality that people are not who they seem to be.

You is not an easy watch that can be binged in one day. The show is very mature, with scenes of sex, murder, and torture all in gruesome detail. The show reveals to watchers how any normal looking man can reveal himself to be a psychopath with a love that can lead to murder. However, the show is worth the watch because of the bone chillingly realistic acting and the different spin on a psychological TV show.