Streaming services take over Emmys

Viewers make the move from cable TV to services like Netflix and HBO Max

by Summer Rains, VOW editor

Netflix, Apple TV+, Amazon, Disney + and HBO Max were all winners at the 2021 Emmys. The streaming industry has begun to take over the TV show awards and old studios like ABC and NBC are starting to fall away. Other than a few HBO shows, an NBC show and a Showtime show, each category was claimed by one of the several tv streaming platforms. 

The biggest winner at the Emmys this year was Netflix’s “The Crown.” The show won in the following categories; drama series, lead actress for a drama series, lead actor for a drama series, outstanding directing for a drama series, outstanding writing for a drama series, supporting actress for a drama series, supporting actor for a drama series. The show picked up a lot of traction with the release of it’s fourth season. Season four of “The Crown” tackled many events that went down in the British spotlight during the 70’s and 80’s including the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Another show that brought home several awards was “Ted Lasso.” With four wins at the TV show awards ceremony, the new comedy show is doing very well. The HBO show, “Mare of Easttown” also won a few awards in the limited series category including best lead actress and best supporting actor and actress. One of the surprise wins at the Emmys this year was Ewan Mcgregor for best lead actor in a limited series, Netflix’s “Halston.”

One of the shows that was snubbed at this year’s awards was the Disney+ limited series, “WandaVision.” With a towering 23 nominations, the series did not win a single one. The show left critics raving and audience members in awe of the remarkable work that the actors and crew put into the series and yet, it received nothing from the awards ceremony. Another snub of the year also came from the Disney+ streaming service. Fans of the well loved Star Wars series, “The Mandalorian,” believe that actor Pedro Pascal was snubbed by not even receiving a nomination for the Emmys this year.

Some people may not think the Emmys are important, but the acknowledgement of actors’, writers’ and directors’ hard work, gives audience members an idea of what to watch. After the awards show, many TV bingers began to watch new shows that maybe they hadn’t thought to watch until the Emmys shined a light on them. Whether people decide to watch the awards ceremony or not, it’s always interesting to see who won and watch the work that won them the recognition.