NBA Youngboy’s new music #1 in world

SINCERELY KENTRELL. NBA Youngboys album dropped Friday, featuring 21 new songs.

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SINCERELY KENTRELL. NBA Youngboy’s album dropped Friday, featuring 21 new songs.

NBA Youngboy  – “Sincerely Kentrell”  2021

Youngboy, who is known for leaking his songs to draw attention and then dropping his album, is finally back with one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Singles “Baddest Thing” and “Nevada” show his loving side. “Nevada” was a song that was leaked before he dropped the album, and it also blew up on TikTok, a big reason for the album being highly anticipated. Singles “50 shots” and “Smoke Strong” show Youngboy’s street and gangster side. NBA Youngboy is a very versatile rapper and has a mood for anyone, a big reason for his huge fanbase.

“Life support,” “Toxic Punk,” and “Kickstand” are the top three songs on the album. Life support is one of the best because it was one of the leaked songs, so I learned all the lyrics before the album was released. I feel like once I learned all the lyrics I couldn’t stop listening so it grew on me. “Toxic Punk” is also one of my favorite songs out of the album because it is very upbeat and just gives me an adrenaline rush. Whenever “Toxic Punk” comes on I just want to sing it at the top of my lungs. Last but not least the song “Kickstand” is in my top three because the basketball locker room is also filled with Youngboy fans, and that is the song that we had on repeat in the locker room. The song being repeated in the locker room made me like it more and more.

In his gangster and loving way, Youngboy created a masterpiece with “Sincerely Kentrell.” It took less than 24 hours for it to be the #1 album in the world. I expect it to hold the #1 spot all year long and even get album of the year. Youngboy is my favorite artist, and I will forever spread his music. “Sincerely Kentrell” is an amazing album, and I highly recommend it. #FreeYB<3