Halloween proves tricky for teens to get treats


photo or infographic by Cenia Moreira-Peraza

NEVER TOO OLD TO TRICK OR TREAT. Spooky season is here, and students are making plans for Halloween night. Should there be an age limit on trick or treating?

Trick or Treating is one of children’s favorite and most practiced traditions all over the world, every kid looks forward to the one day a year where they can be whoever or whatever they want, and get free candy to boot. Today, while still practiced by young kids all over, more and more older kids and teenagers are trying to continue the tradition. One would think there’s no issue with this, however these kids are being told every year that, “They’re too old for that ” or “Trick or treating isn’t cool.”

This is unfair to a ridiculous degree.

First of all, it’s entirely ridiculous to berate someone for something they enjoy, especially when it is innocent and lighthearted. To go out of one’s way to make anyone feel bad about enjoying themselves is rather immature and unfair. Just because they’re older than the typical age of the average trick or treater, doesn’t mean they should be ridiculed for enjoying it. Everyone has their own way of having fun, whether someone else likes it or not shouldn’t be a factor.

Teens are notorious for going out and doing stupid and irresponsible things on Halloween. Trick or treating is definitely one of the better things for them to be doing. For years, the tradition for teens on Halloween is to go partying or vandalize something. When all of that is happening, people trying to get free candy should be the least of the concerns.

And finally, free candy is a big positive. Everyone likes candy and everyone likes free things so free candy is a no brainer. It seems that anyone who outwardly denounces or avoids trick or treating isn’t very bright or very fun to be around. 

Now; some may say that if someone wants candy, they can just go get it, or if they want to dress up, they can do so at a costume party. Others may say that at a certain age all of that type of behavior should be stopped regardless. To which anyone with a brain would respond  that the whole point of going out to trick or treat is to get free candy. Buying it defeats the purpose and takes the fun out of it. To the second point’s credit, costume parties can be rather fun, and no one has to go out and talk to strangers for it to happen. The easy solution is to do both. 

Trick or treating is a timeless tradition that no one should be chastised for taking part in. So go trick or treating, go get candy, go have fun, and happy Halloween.