Aquakats push for successful season


photo or infographic by courtesy photo

EARLY MORNING SWIM. Members of the team take a silly group shot during their early morning practice before school.

Early morning practices a city away. Traveling to every meet. Competing against students who have the luxury of having a pool on their campus. 

As a member of the Aquakats swim team, there are a lot of challenges. After their first swim meet in Huntsville last week, they are preparing for competition in one of the toughest districts in the state.

A new season has started, which leaves them excited for the season ahead.

“I wasn’t so confident for my first meet of the season. I was pretty nervous since it was my first meet of sophomore season and we were also going against my own friends from club swim,” sophomore Addison Lyons sadd. “In order to do well at this meet, I pushed myself by setting a goal and aiming to achieve it.”

The swim team is known to keep pushing through hard times, and keeping their mind set on their goals.

“My favorite thing about being on the team is that I get to make many memories and new friends,” Lyons said. “I love everyone on the team and I have the best time on the bus rides and morning practices.”

Many other athletes  also enjoy being on the team.

“My favorite thing about being on the team is my teammates,” senior Paige Greeney. “They always make me push myself.”

As a leader, Greeney has a lot on her plate. Not only does she have to focus on herself, but she also leads the way for her other teammates. 

“Being a leader is a lot of fun,” Greeney said. “I get to help the coaches and swimmers during practices and meets.” With a long season ahead  there is still plenty of room for the athletes to reach their goals.

“My goals for this season is to earn more patches for my letterman jacket and beat my personal best times,” Lyons said. “This season is going to be awesome, but much harder than last year.”